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Car audio purchase considerations

       What should I pay attention to when buying a car stereo? When we buy a car stereo, we always consider various factors, so that we do not know why. Let's take a look at the issues to consider when purchasing a car stereo. I hope to help everyone.

  Is the product qualified?

  There are many counterfeit brand-name equipments on the market, so be sure to distinguish them when you buy them. Some low-cost equipment can't see the quality problem from the appearance.

  However, the internal components are inferior, and the circuit is not in compliance with the standard. The sound quality of this equipment is not good, it is easy to malfunction, and even naturally. Be sure to go to the factory authorized store to purchase, you can use it with confidence.

  How is the sound quality?

  Not to buy brand-name products, it must be good, brand-name factory varieties are also high, medium and low grades, the grades that are bought are not necessarily good, the most fundamental thing is to be matched by professional systems, installation and debugging, in order to produce good results. . It's not a simple matter of connecting a few lines casually, the sound field is positioned, and the phase can't be wrong, otherwise the effect is unimaginable.

  Consider after sales service

  Car audio is used in sports, the environment is bad, such as: temperature, humidity, vibration, dust, etc., it is easy to cause various faults in the sound, maintenance, warranty and maintenance is an important issue. Cheap to buy parallel imports, refurbishment and clearance products, stealing machines, etc., the warranty card is fake, there is no after-sales service.

  Is it worthwhile if damage is required for repair or scrap? Now the equipment sold in the store is not necessarily expensive, there are many cost-effective equipment, you can enjoy good after-sales service, why not.


  During the disassembly and assembly process, the original car line cannot be damaged and a short circuit is caused. When the equipment is installed, the line cannot be connected incorrectly, and the wrong connection may have adverse consequences. Installed equipment should have insurance measures, in case of overcurrent, it should be protected, just like installing a time bomb, otherwise it is prone to fire.

  The audio line cannot interfere with the computer and electronic devices in the car, otherwise it will malfunction. It must be installed by professionally trained personnel to ensure safety.

  The above is about the introduction of the car audio needs to pay attention to, I hope you understand the car audio purchase notes, it is helpful to everyone.

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