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Car speaker spacer manufacturing method

Car speaker spacer is a seal installed on the speaker, which can make the speaker better. So what are the manufacturing methods of car speaker spacers? Today I will give you a detailed introduction.

  There are two methods of car speaker spacers. One is to mount it with gray cardboard according to the required thickness. The top layer is pasted with black paper. After rolling and flattening the average thickness, it is sent to a press and pressed. Punching car speaker spacers, the other is to use paper to make paper tubes first, and then cut into shapes according to the required thickness, which is called the tube cutting method, which can reduce the cost of tube cutting. In addition, there are also made of plastic or synthetic rubber, EVA sponge, pearl cotton, PEF material. When some EVA sponge speaker pads are attached to the speakers, because of their softness, it is not easy to operate. EVA can be adhered to cardboard, and then punched together into car speaker spacers. This uses the strength of cardboard. The hardness of the automobile speaker pad can be strengthened, which facilitates the production operation of the speaker, but the cost will increase.

  When the edge angle of the speaker paper is higher than the edge edge of the bracket, the speaker will crush the edge when packaging or arranging the plate, causing the curvature to be deformed or soiled. At this time, the car speaker spacer must be designed to protect the packaging and transportation In order not to affect the quality of the speaker, the material of the car speaker spacer is generally cut with a tube cut of a car speaker spacer or a plastic car speaker spacer, and its shape and specifications need to be designed in accordance with the shape of the speaker bracket edge arc.

  The above is an introduction to the manufacturing method of car speaker spacers. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the manufacturing method of car speaker spacers.

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