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The role and type of car storage box

       In the daily travel of our riders, we always have to bring a lot of things, causing the trunk to be messy, full, and storage space is not enough. In fact, it is not organized properly. At least, it can be multi-faceted. Enter 20% of things. At this time, some convenient car storage boxes with large storage capacity come in handy. So what are the types of car storage boxes? Let ’s take a look together.

  The role of car storage box

  1. Storage of the sunshield in the car: It is mainly installed at the sunshield, and its purpose is to facilitate the driver and staff to easily access items and related documents required for driving. Such as: parking card, high-speed card, gas card, car membership card, glasses, insurance documents, etc.

  2. Storage bag beside the door: It is mainly installed on the door and on both sides of the gear shift head. Such as: mobile phones, chargers, cigarettes, as well as card certificates, insurance documents, books carried with you, etc.

  3. Seat back storage bag: It is mainly installed on the back of the seat in the car. Its purpose is to make it easier for people in the back seat to get things and related entertainment items while driving. Such as: mobile phones, chargers, books, notebooks, car entertainment equipment, etc.

  4. Trunk storage: This type of product is mainly for car washing supplies and car maintenance appliances. Such as: car washing equipment, wax, brush, car wash cloth, etc.

car storage box

  Car storage box types

  1, Multifunctional car seat storage bag

  Like this car seat storage bag, paper towels can be installed with it, and thermos cups and mobile phones are no longer needed. This image was provided by a registered user "Warm Life", copyright feedback

  2, Car seat storage box

  There is also a storage bag like a camera bag, which can be hung on a car seat, and some small tools can be placed outside this bag. Hanging a tablet computer is not a grade, and the appearance is also exquisite and beautiful. This image is provided by registered user "Warm Life", copyright statement feedback 3. Car dregs buckets for cars Nowadays, many dregs cannot be thrown in the center, so it is more convenient to put a dregs bag on the seat. With this dregs storage bag, I do n’t worry about throwing things out and getting points deducted.

  4. Car seat gap storage box

  The car gap is also a more precious center. If it is applied, it will be easy to use. If it is not applied, it will often fall out. So with this slot box, you can not only block the gap and prevent things from falling outside, but also add a few USB charging ports.

  5, car backup storage box

  The same is true of the trunk of a car. If it is packed in a car storage box, the contents of the trunk will not be so messy.

  6,High-end car storage bag

  This leather storage bag is also used by hanging on the seat. When this storage bag is not in use, it will not affect the appearance when it is hung below. In terms of color matching, you can also stop matching according to the interior, so it looks more comfortable and upscale.

  The above is an introduction to the functions and types of car storage bags. I hope you will understand the functions and types of car storage bags and help everyone.

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