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The role of car speaker ring

       Car speaker ring is an accessory to be used when installing the speaker. So why do I need to add a speaker ring when installing the speaker? Let me talk about the role of car speaker ring for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

  Because the car speaker ring is relatively hard, the speaker is mounted on it. When the speaker ring is mounted on the door, the vibration of the speaker will be transmitted to the door through the car speaker ring. When the car speaker ring is installed on the door, we need to add a layer of snake glue. Soft and not easy to dry, the vibration of the wooden ring is easily absorbed by the snake gel and not transmitted to the door panel. In addition to the shock absorption function, it also has a very important sealing effect. The speaker must be reinforced and sealed on the door, and the hole left on the door must be plugged. Generally, the door panel is soundproofed with sound-proof material, and the sealing and strengthening work can be done well.

  If there is no gasket in the car audio speaker, when the speaker is working, part of the sound wave is scattered inside the door trim, causing resonance. Causes a dull sound.

car speaker ring

  After the car audio speaker washer is added, almost all the sound waves can be scattered without causing door panel resonance, which can ensure that the speaker sound effect is not affected by the installation method.

  Poor installation, not only causes resonance, but also greatly reduces the sound effect of the speaker. Of course, it is better to turn the speaker back to the outside of the door trim. But many car owners are reluctant to make such a big change. This is what the industry says: three points of equipment, seven points of installation.

  The above is the introduction of the function of the car speaker ring. I hope that everyone will help you after understanding the function of the car speaker ring.

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