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What is a speaker system

In daily life, speaker systems can be seen in many places, so do you know what components a speaker system is made of? Today I will introduce in detail what a speaker system is.

  The loudspeaker system is composed of one or several loudspeakers and corresponding accessories such as baffles, horns, crossover networks, etc., as the coupling device between the drive circuit and the surrounding air. The purpose is to obtain the required frequency characteristics, sound field distribution, and special sound effects.

speaker system

  Commonly used speakers are direct-type electric speakers, horn-type electric speakers, and various combination speakers. Only direct speakers are used to radiate the sound power, and the unevenness of the sound pressure level in the service area is large. The use of a horn-type electric loudspeaker with a large sound power can basically obtain a sufficiently large sound intensity and a uniform sound field in the sound reinforcement area, but its frequency range is narrow and cannot meet the requirements of high-quality music sound reinforcement. Therefore, a combination speaker is often used. This not only widens the frequency range but also increases the radiated sound power. Application of various speaker boxes and speakers can improve the low-frequency characteristics, directivity and efficiency of the speaker; after using various speaker groups, it can further control its sound power and radiation characteristics. As for special sound effects, such as sound reinforcement in the case of long distances and strong noise, hundreds or even thousands of kilowatts of sound power are required. At this time, airflow speakers can be used.

  The above is a detailed introduction to the speaker system. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the knowledge of the speaker system.

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