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BMW Speaker Replacement

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BMW 5 Speaker 

BMW speaker

BMW 5 original car audio speakers system analysis:

(BMW original car host + 6 speakers) - the original car host rated power (4 * 18W) directly pushes six speakers, a little sound knowledge of people know that such a small power can not push a slightly better speaker, the original car The horn is lightly floating in the hand, and the magnet behind the horn is sealed in the metal cap, only a little bit. I think the material used in this speaker is very "saving". No wonder the sound in the car is always soft.

Market mainstream audio upgrade program

Upgrade plan one, five tweeters + one midrange speaker, referred to as five high ones; why is there such an upgrade plan? After researching 5 series, the original car has a total of 12 speakers installed, and the low-equipped models are only shipped. There are 6 speakers as standard, and there are six reserved positions without speakers. So there is a five-high one solution to fill the reserved speakers.

This kind of scheme is to cater to a large part of the owner's mentality, thinking that the original car vacant speaker can be installed on the speaker to enhance the sound effect, and this solution is not expensive, so many owners decisively choose to install, but this five high one The sound quality of the program is very limited, and the effect of the original Harman belt amplifier is too far away. Therefore, it is not recommended that BMW riders spend money to upgrade this kind of sandwich scheme, and there are many high imitation Harman speakers that we can't identify.

BMW speaker

In addition, there is a hard technical defect in the five high-one program. The original car has only 4 channels of audio output. If the center speaker is added without the amplifier installed, where is the audio connected? This question has not been thought before. Understand that until after consulting professionals, the post-market refitters installed the center, the audio is a parallel connection from the left and right channels to obtain the mid-range audio signal, this way leads to the original car sound field chaos sound turbid is simply a messy combination; really centered The sound is processed by the independent amplifier audio signal, and a single audio signal is outputted from the power amplifier to the center speaker.

Upgrade plan 2, Harman Kardon 12-piece set, including 600W amplifier

Harman audio system was originally the preferred solution, but during the consultation process, the Harman speaker was found to be difficult to distinguish and there was no official authorized store. The whole system price was too outrageous and the plan was abandoned.

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