• Mercedes Benz speaker factory
  • Mercedes Benz speaker factory

Mercedes Benz Speaker 3D Rotary Tweeter

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Mercedes Benz Speaker 3D Rotary Tweeter

3D Rotated Tweeter for Mercedes Benz C/ E/ S/ GLA/ GLC Class

Mercedes Benz speaker factory

Mercedes-Benz speaker modification method and steps:

  The first step is to open the Mercedes hood and remove the buckle. The buckles in the picture are all need to be disassembled. The buckle removal method is very simple, you can get it with a flat-blade screwdriver.

  The second step is to insert a screwdriver into the gap of the Mercedes-Benz. When you hear it, you can hear that the buckle is loose. You can pull it out by hand. After the buckle is loose, hold the buckle cap up with your fingers. You can pull out the buckle.

  The third step is to disassemble the two support shelves. After you disassemble the dozens of buckles in the previous step, you can remove the upper trim panel. Then you can see the two reinforcing brackets marked with red in the figure. One buckle, 4 screws need to be removed, you can remove it.


  The fourth step is to remove the original car speaker from the Mercedes-Benz. After disassembling the front panel, you can clearly see these two annoying iron speakers. Don't be polite. After unplugging the line, you can directly remove the wrench. Note that there are 2 opposite sides on the joint that have a rib. With these two ribs pressed by fingers, the joint can be easily pulled out. Once again, do not use brute force to avoid damage to the original car line.

  The fifth step is to install the snail speaker. When Dangdang, the protagonist debuts, this is the two snail speakers that have to be replaced today. Please find the installation location for easy wiring, and the speaker opening should be facing down, otherwise it is easy to enter. Water, the water inlet speaker is scrapped.

  Step 6 Remove the Mercedes-Benz speaker, install the new snail speaker, and plug it in directly, without breaking the line. No speakers are added to the dual speakers.

Mercedes Benz speaker factory

 The price of Mercedes-Benz speaker modification is mainly based on what kind of speaker the car owner chooses to modify. The price is mainly based on the quality of the speaker.

  Mercedes-Benz tweeter installation, Mercedes-Benz speaker installation recommendations to professional stores for installation, Mercedes-Benz electric speakers rely on the vibration of the metal diaphragm to make sound. The car electric speaker is composed of a core, a magnetic coil, a contact, an armature, a diaphragm and the like. When the driver presses the speaker switch, the current passes through the coil through the contact, the coil generates a magnetic force to attract the armature, forcing the diaphragm to move, the armature moves to make the contact open, the current is interrupted, the coil magnetic force disappears, and the diaphragm is in its own elasticity and spring piece. Under the action, the original position is restored together with the armature, the contact closing circuit is turned on again, and the current flows through the coil through the contact to generate a magnetic force, and the above action is repeated. In this way, the diaphragm is continuously oscillated to vibrate. The soundboard is rigidly coupled to the diaphragm to make the vibration smoother and more pleasant (ie, the principle of the electromagnet). The Mercedes speaker position is installed inside the front impact beam and can be seen by removing the engine lower guard.

Mercedes Benz speaker factory

Mercedes speaker maintenance method:

  1. Always keep the Mercedes-Benz speaker clean and the wiring must be secure.

  2. Always check and tighten the fixing screws of the speaker and bracket to ensure that the grounding is reliable.

  3. The fixing method of the speaker has a great influence on its pronunciation. In order to make the sound of the speaker normal, the speaker cannot be rigidly mounted, and thus is fixed on the buffer bracket, that is, a leaf spring or a rubber pad is installed between the speaker and the fixed bracket.

  4. Always check the generator output voltage. Excessive voltage will burn out the speaker contacts, and the voltage will be too low (below the rated voltage of the speaker). The speaker will make an abnormal sound.

  5. When washing the car, do not flush the speaker tube directly with water to prevent water from entering the speaker tube and making the speaker not ring.

  6. When repairing the Mercedes-Benz speaker, pay attention to the position of each metal pad and insulation pad, and do not install the error.

  7. Mercedes-Benz speakers should not be heard continuously for more than 10s to avoid damage to the speakers.

  8. Do not put all kinds of foreign objects into the Mercedes-Benz speaker to avoid abnormal noise.

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