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Car subwoofer

Car subwoofer

Installing a subwoofer in the car is an interesting and easy process. Instead of going to the expert for installing, you can install it yourself at home and you can enjoy the whole process a lot. I will explain to you all of the process steps by step and I will guide you on the easiest and simplified way of installing car subwoofers. Let us discuss the most important tools and you can’t work without them. These necessary tools for installing are as follows:

· Different small screws made up of wood.

· Some wires of speakers

· Fuse (Inline): It can be of 50 amps or higher than that

· Cables (RCA), 15 feet or more than 15 feet (with both white and red color)

· 15-foot wide, 16 or 18 gauge 

· For ground: Insulated wire of 3 foot and 10 gauge or thicker

· For power: Insulated wire of 20 foot and 10 gauge or thicker

· Wiring Kit

· Amplifier

· Subwoofer speaker

· Subwoofer box

· If the amplifier is very powerful then select thick wires for the ground and power wires. If you buy an amplifier kit, it can also help you to measure the watts it can easily handle.

Car subwoofer

Step by Step Guide to Installing the Car Subwoofers:

1. Collect the tools you need for installing process.

2. Choosing a speaker and amp is a very tricky thing. You should select them with high power but they should not blow one another.

3. The RMS (The level of power one speaker can send at a time without any interruption or any loss) of both the amplifier and subwoofer speaker near to each other.

4. Now, be sensitive in choosing the accurate size for speakers. The speakers with 10 and 8 inches will respond quicker than the bigger speakers. But big speakers (15+ inches) will give you a very loud sound than the smaller speakers. The bigger speakers can manage the lower frequencies in a better way. Speakers of 12 inches are suitable for a standard system. If you buy a subwoofer speaker box, then it will give you an accurate size as your speaker.

5. Instead of getting power from the fuse, we will use a battery because it will be cleaner and you will not face noise from the engine.

6. Beneath the hood of the wall, you will see a metal wall and the other side will be inside the car. Through this firewall hole, we will connect the power cables.

7. At the end of the battery, install the inline fuse. To wire the audio, but the stereo off and connect RCA cables.

8. Use 16-18 gauge wire and do the wiring for the remote. Then fit the speaker in the box. Attach the cables of the battery on the amp to configure the amp.

9. The last step is to add up the power. Attach the power cables with the battery. In the fuse holder, you should use a big-size fuse. All is done!

spare wheel subwoofer

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