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Of all kinds of large central control screens, which is the best one?

It is not a new thing to use the large screen in the car central control. But are these various large screens really good? Some large central control screens integrate most of the functions, while some large central control screens simplify the complexity. Although the large central control screens may not be the reason for selecting a car, we need to find out the advantages and disadvantages of those large screens.

Is the larger the central control screen, the better?

As the pioneer of large screen, Tesla's model x 17 inch large screen can indeed give everyone on the car a sense of joy, and integrate other functions of the center console on the screen, making the overall appearance more beautiful. The high-end models of SAIC Roewe I6 are equipped with a 10.4-inch screen, which is not inferior to Tesla in terms of momentum and retains a row of buttons. The more famous BYD Qin 100 is equipped with a 12.8-inch large screen, which is powerful enough.

Let's not talk about the function, but how convenient is the operation? Tesla's model x is the only one of the three models that does not retain physical keys, but the central control screen is inclined to the driver's seat. Although it may be more convenient for the driver to operate, there are certain safety hazards when using it while driving. The BYD Qin 100 has one more row of physical buttons than the SAIC Roewe I6. There are not too many buttons except for conventional buttons such as air conditioning and volume buttons. It is possible that the design of the keys is more in line with the needs of the public than the ADI Qin 100 and the SAIC Roewe I6.

Function operation needs to be simplified

In terms of functions, the large central control screens of each family are really different. The smaller screens are basically phones, multimedia, navigation, etc. SAIC Roewe I6 is a yunos customized for cars. Its operation logic is no different from that of Android, and it can also install Android applications. In fact, it's best to choose a car model that supports Carplay if you want to make the function easy to use. After getting on the car, connect your iPhone to the car, even if the screen is small. Maybe Carplay is the best system that can simplify the complexity. We look forward to other better systems.

Differences in operating experience

First of all, the quality of the screen is the most basic element. To achieve good clarity, strong sensitivity and good visibility under the sun, we need a good screen, otherwise there will be no good experience. Then there is the operation logic on the system. Some systems do not seem to have been adjusted by heart, and the operation logic is anti-human. Then there is the fluency of the system. It depends on whether the system has been optimized. As for the operation, it may require higher requirements. Finally, it depends on the comprehensive usage and whether the system will crash.

Generally speaking, the large central control screen is not a just need, but the screen with more than 10 inches should be the future trend. The bigger the screen, the more consumers will pay for it. After all, many people can't resist the big screen. In fact, the better state should be to integrate the screen and the instrument, so as to meet the needs of the driver.

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