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The central control screen of the car is not as simple as putting a pad directly in the car

When it comes to the central control screen of the car, many friends will think, "what's the difficulty? Isn't it to put a pad directly into the car?" However, after consulting professional engineers, we found that this approach was not feasible because the screen inside the vehicle had to meet the vehicle specification level.

So before we talk about what is the vehicle specification level, let's talk about the component classification.

                                                          Level 1: consumption level


                                                          Consumer electronics

We take the iPad as an example. The official recommended operating temperature is 0 º C to 35 º C. even if it does not operate, the storage temperature is also recommended to be between - 20 º C and 45 º C. except for the lithium battery, the LCD screen will condense if the temperature is too low. If the temperature is too high, the internal circuit will be damaged, and the overall color of the screen will change. In serious cases, the display screen will be burned directly.

                                                                  Level 2: industrial level


                                                                 Industrial display

Industrial level displays are divided into wide temperature range and ultra wide temperature range, which can support a working range of - 20 degrees to 70 degrees at most, and need to meet the needs of harsh industrial application environment in dust prevention and shock prevention. Therefore, when some automobile brands apply industrial monitors to vehicles, problems such as yellowing and fogging of screen edges will occur after long-term operation.

                                                   Level 3: vehicle regulation level

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                                             Large central control screen of Huayi automobile

Compared with the industrial level, the vehicle gauge level display not only has a wider working temperature range, but also needs to face a huge temperature difference of 120 degrees from - 35 degrees to - 85 degrees. In addition, because the vehicle is operating at high speed on the road for a long time, the vehicle gauge level screen needs to undergo dozens of professional tests to meet the standard, including dust-proof test, vibration test, EMC electromagnetic environment compatibility, anti-interference test, extreme temperature test and durability test, Connection specification test, impact test, etc. Every car gauge screen is a strong, stable and reliable partner.

                                                        Level 4: military regulation level


                                                         Military regulation laptop

In addition to the super large temperature range from - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C, the military regulations level electronic equipment also adds the function of "three proofs" (waterproof / dustproof / shockproof), and it must pass the army level certification of moisture-proof / salt spray / electromagnetic interference resistance, etc., in pursuit of reliability in complex battlefield environments.

                                                      Level 5: Aerospace level


                                                     Space shuttle cockpit display

Aerospace grade components are the products in the top field, referring to the components used in the aerospace field, such as aircraft, rockets or satellites, which need to ensure high stability and reliability. For example, the 7-series aluminum used in es8 all aluminum body belongs to aerospace grade materials.

What is the use of the black area of the central control screen?

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First of all, this black area not only functions as a physical frame, but also ensures that the LCD panel will not deform even if it expands and contracts in the temperature range from minus 35 degrees to plus 80 degrees in the vehicle.

Secondly, the larger frame area can effectively improve the overall structural strength of the screen. When there is a violent collision, it is not easy to break, and even if it is broken, it will not crack and splash.

As delicate as a mobile phone screen, it is one of the highest definition car screens in the world

In addition to safety, we also pay attention to the best use experience. First of all, we have adopted a full fit screen with higher technological difficulties. This technology is widely used in high-end mobile phones. By integrating the protective glass, touch screen and display screen, not only the display effect is clearer, but also the touch accuracy is higher.


Whether the screen is bigger or better is the last word

Now many brands in the automobile industry are comparing whose screen size is bigger, but we want to say that the bigger the screen in the car, the better, and easy use is the last word. An oversized screen not only poses a great challenge to safety, but also requires the driver to look away from the front for more time to observe the contents at the edge of the screen. Of course, we also respect the development of technology. When there is new progress in the vehicle regulation screen, we will also apply it to vehicles.

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