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Single Din Universal Pocket For Nissan

Brand :Yelew

Product origin :China

Delivery time :3-20days

Supply capacity :300+ pcs in stock

Multi-function car storage pocket, to meet a variety of needs, non-toxic materials, soft texture, absolutely will not scratch your phone, 3M adhesive tape for one second installation, can be stuck in any position in the car, can be stable local Place, remove without leaving residual glue, do not hurt the original car.

Single Din Universal Storage Pocket For Nissan

product description:The box inside the car for storage, portable, fixed, etc.

Install with this kind of frame to make the outside ranges meet up well with the universl dvd players of car.

Our dash kits are constructed of high quality, high heat, automotive grade ABS plastic.

Suitable for Nissan

car single din pockets

These hidden storage pocket on the car, the old driver is not clear, the owner: the car has been opened for so many years. The car is now also an indispensable means of transportation for our daily travel, so it is now popular in everyone's life. Most of the families also have their own cars, and the car is also a consumable. , so its model is also different, then some of its internal construction is completely different, for some of the parts of the vehicle used in the daily use of some of the driving parts may be familiar, but There are some things that we don't often use, but we tend to ignore them, and even some internal parts, until a few years later, we know how these parts are used. For some of the storage pocket inside the car, do you really know their existence? For these hidden and relatively many drivers on the car, it is still not clear until now.

car single din pockets

Nowadays, people’s demand for this part of the car is getting bigger and bigger, so it has become one of the most important things in daily life of most families. Now the models are constantly being updated, and these years have been A trend of a more popular SUV model, for most people, it is also because of its internal space is relatively large, for many drivers and friends, it may be more concerned in daily life. Some operational details, some small hidden inside the car is not necessarily very concerned, and like these hidden storage pocket, then even some old drivers are not clear.

car single din pockets

Like this question, most drivers will be more confused. Is the storage bag inside the car not the only one? But for some more careful driver friends, you may find that in addition to several comparisons. In addition to the usual storage pocket, there are also two hidden storage pocket for the position in front of the rear seats of the car, that is, where the feet are placed. For these storage pocket, the hidden ones are also compared. Deep, then if we don't pay attention to it during the daily use, it may be difficult to find out. In fact, the storage space in these two places is also very large, so it also provides more space for our owners. To put some things on, so I can keep some of the car clean and clean. For things like this, the owners also said that they have really opened the car for a few years.

car single din pockets

In fact, in addition to these storage pocket, it can be opened under the car seat. There is a storage compartment in which you can put some more common things, just like if we often run on For some long distances, the driver friends can also put a few clothes in it. In fact, for the four hidden combinations of the trunk of the car, like this storage bag, only one pull ring is needed, and a square can be seen. Storage bag, if the above mentioned parts are not easy to find, then in fact, it is easy to find the last one, that is, it can be opened with a force pulling along a groove on the roof, for the car These little secrets inside, we only need to pay attention to it and find it very well.

car single din pockets

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