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Universal 100mm Fitting Kit

Brand :Yelew

Product origin :China

Delivery time :3-20 days

Supply capacity :300+PCS in stock

3D digitally designed
Factory-style texture
Constructed of high quality, high heat, automotive grade ABS plastic
Designed with precision tolerances, so the kits match the factory dash contours perfectly
Precision brackets & tabs make the installation easy and secure
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Universal 100mm Fitting Kit

installation cage fitting kit factory


Item Type: Fascia
Model Name: Universal Car audio refit Cage

(car-years may different among different countries)

Material Type: Iron
Size: 17398mm
Type: Accessories
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Install with this kind of frame to make the outside ranges meet up well with the universl dvd players of car.

installation cage fitting kit factory

Car audio installation cage, also known as: audio modified iron frame / single body positioning iron frame / single spindle installation iron frame / bracket


This box is for CD player DVD installation and fixed, or car audio, as long as it is a basic basic rectangle


If the card between the iron frame and the machine is not tight, it will be OK to plug it with something.

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